Doctoral Dissertation (2008)

Salutogenesis through Self-realization

Bibliographic data: Meller, Simone (2008). Salutogenese durch Selbstverwirklichung. Eine integrative und ganzheitliche Perspektive für die Gesundheitspsychologie [Salutogenesis through Self-realization. An Integrated and Holistic Vision for the Psychology of Health]. Marburg: Tectum-Verlag. Hardcover, 451 Seiten, 34,90 €, ISBN 978-3-8288-9780-9

In view of spontaneous remissions in oncology and the placebo effect, it bears asking if incurable diseases exist and what the personality's role in healing is. Since the 1970s, in health psychology, whose core concepts are based on the interactive dualism of matter and spirit, the idea of a close relationship between personality traits and health prevails, although it cannot yet be convincingly proven.


The doctoral dissertation analyzes the reasons behind salutogenic research and provides an integrative theory to clarify self-healing with the help of modern physics. The triadic concept of self-realization – supported by quantum theory – opens a perspective to explain how a modification of consciousness can be so powerful that it directly triggers atomic modifications in the body that go beyond medical feasibility.


In order to facilitate applied research in this field, the dissertation also provides a questionnaire regarding self-realization, which can be filled out by participants (in addition to any informative comments they may have) before and after a professional intervention. 0